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THE FRIENDS OF HAITI, INC. is an IRS authorized 501C3 nonprofit corporation, organized and operated exclusively to fund education and charitable purposes. Specifically, this organization has been formed to (a) provide relief to the poor, distressed, and underprivileged and (b) advance education in the country of Haiti.

We support schools and students with supplies, food, clothing, and a specific program of tuition assistance to help educate Haitian citizens to become doctors and nurses. Haiti is in need of professional medical people. We can think of no better way to help Haitians gain consistent quality healthcare than by growing a community of medical professionals in the country of Haiti itself. Therefore, we have sought to create a means to encourage and help Haitians access an education, so that they are equipped to serve their fellow countrymen and women.

Our program activities are primarily conducted in the area of Port au Prince working in conjunction with the University Notre-Dame d’Haiti, located at Rue Sapotille – Pacot, Port au Prince, Haiti. The tuition assistance program for Haitian students lasts for one school year. Grades and commitment are reviewed at the end of the school year prior to us committing to a student for the next school year. Our tuition assistance program is open to the public in Haiti. Needy students are selected based upon their application and a recommendation from the school. The number of students we assist depends on funds available.

Every summer, our board reviews applications to determine how many qualify for education assistance. In addition to tuition support, we provide students with food, supplies, and many other items needed for living and educational purposes.

The program administration is conducted from our headquarters at 2520 Mesa Verde Terrace, Henderson, Nevada, 89074. Joseph and Sue Provost, along with the Board of Directors, oversee activities. All Board members and officers have business backgrounds and have been active in charitable works through their own churches and with national organizations such as Rotary International and Haiti Outreach.