Board of Directors



Joe Provost, President

Joe has a Master’s Degree in Business Administration and has effected a successful business career. He now uses his business savvy and talents to help people in need.


Haiti became his focus after volunteering with with an organization called Haiti Outreach. He served with twelve other people to build a house for a family who had lost their home. During this experience, Joe saw that much more needed to be done in Haiti. He has been tirelessly working to help Haitians ever since.

Joe can be contacted at:

Rev. Susan Provost, Secretary/Treasurer

Sue has a Master’s Degree in Spiritual Formation, is a trained Spiritual Director and an ordained Independent Catholic Priest. Sue visited Haiti after the horrific earthquake in 2010 and saw the need to be of assistance to the people of Haiti.  Sue’s mission is to actively help the people of Haiti and to encourage others to do so.

Sue can be contacted at:

Frances Hayslip, Director

Fran has a Bachelors Degree in Aerospace Engineering and is a former employee of NASA. She is currently a certified Artisan and specializes in the creation of miniature food for doll houses.

Fran has always had a heart for helping others and has been a staunch advocate for The Friends of Haiti Inc. She wants to encourage others to use their talents in helping others and especially helping the people of Haiti.  

Fran can be contacted at: